Chiropractic Testimonials

"My initial fear of Chiropractic was that it was a big scam. But the only real fear I had was that of the unknown. Once I went beyond my ignorance and gave it a shot I was delighted. I came to the clinic not able to work or play basketball. But following a complete chiropractic program I was back on the court and playing to full force within six weeks. I owe Dr. Schreyer alot and thankful for patience and caring. That is my success story."

- Brendon E.

"I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about seeing a chiropractor for my problems but after seeing what he did for my son, I was impressed. To make a long story short, they have stripped all pain and relieved back damage dating back 6, 12 and 30 years (falling down stairs – etc.) I now not only have no pain, my back is in better shape than any time since I was 15."

- Wayne D.

"I started coming to Eastside Chiropractic at the urging of my friend for help with numbness and tingling in my shoulder and feet. When I came in my first time Dr. Schryer mentioned that they would probably be able to help me with tension headaches too. All of these symptoms have lessened considerably. The absolute best thing thought, is the disappearance of migraine headaches!!!

I was suffering about 3-5 of them a month. Since May I have had only 1! Truly amazing to me! I’ve tried everything for these over the past 10 years. Nothing has been as effective. Dr. Schryer is great!!!"

- Pam R.

"I believe in miracles. I’m a 73 year old Great Grandmother that gets stiff muscles and I can’t bend or walk very well. Due to a history of cancer radiation and a fracture which caused my lower back to hurt all the time. A body that got out of alignment caused hip and muscle problems. It was so bad that I had to use a cane or walker and afraid that the wheel chair was next.

We came to Washington to visit and our Daughter-in-Law insisted that Dr. Darrell could help me.

Yes — with the treatments so far I feel much better, can walk better and my lower back doesn’t hurt. I need to continue treatment for my good health.

Thanks a million for a wonderful Dr."

- Edna K.

"One Saturday while loading my bike in my pickup I got a sharp pain in my lower back. I couldn’t stand up straight and was barely able to make it back home. I called Eastside Chiropractic Clinic and spoke with Dr. Schreyer. He set up an appointment for Sunday morning and much to my surprise found that what I was feeling was an injury that had occurred 15 years earlier when I fell out of a tree.

I have been seeing Dr. Schreyer for a few weeks now and I now have no discomfort in my back. I feel much better than I have for many years. I have ridden my bike and moved some firewood and have had no pain what so ever."

- Larry K.

"Starting 2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with “CFIDS” (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency). My body was needing up to 15 hours of sleep to do very little in my life (like staying awake for dinner!) Depression set in and so followed the low self esteem, joint pain, lower back pain, colds, etc. etc.

Thanks to my Aunt who discovered Eastside Chiropractic … They’re great,adjustment here, there and everywhere!!! And now NO naps, No depression, work, work and more glorious work!!! I’m going out with my husband and friends and enjoying a normal life.

With continued maintenance I’ll proudly show the medical doctor that “YES” something can be done, I can have a normal life."

- Karen P.

"My eleven month old son had been experiencing severe ear infections. After three months of antibiotics not helping, we were forced with putting tubes in his ears. I had my son with me one day while being adjusted by Dr. Schreyer. I mentioned the problem and he asked to look at my son. Dr. Schreyer detected a subluxation in the neck. After further discussion we agreed he should be adjusted and was.

That night was the first night in weeks my son had slept. Two more follow up adjustments and the ear infection was cleared up.

Thanks to Dr. Schreyer my son will not have the tubes put in his ears and does not have to take antibiotics."

- Wayne R.

"When I first started going to Eastside Chiropractic I had severe headaches almost everyday and they lasted all day long at times. I had lower back pain that kept me from doing the exercising that I love to do. All around it was a major burden for my whole life because my energy level was so low.

I started with about 3 treatments a week for a couple of months. Then I only went 2 times for a few weeks and finally now I only go once a week. I’m sure that before long I’ll probably go once in awhile. My headaches are gone and my exercising is going great. My energy is up, it’s nice to be able to move my body any way I want.

I just found out I’m pregnant and I will for sure keep going to my chiropractor because pregnancy takes a toll on the body and it’s going to help my discomfort.

Thanks to the staff at Eastside Chiropractic for being so kind. Chiropractic care is a good thing if done right and you’ve made a skeptic totally believe in this. I’ll continue to use chiropractic care for the rest of my life. It’s comforting to know I don’t have to live with that terrible pain any more. YEA! I FEEL GREAT! Thank you again."

- Candi C.

"Wow! Many thanks to someone who really has the gift. Since Dr. Schreyer began treating myself and our sone with significant disabilities, about two months ago, we found his manner and technique to be most nurturing. Too, the flow and warmth of the office creates an atmosphere that offers and up-beat feel every time we visit.

I hope Dr. Schreyer will have a long and expansive career because so many people could benefit – including our family!"

- Eileen F.


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